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#starrgazing2014 – Week 42

October 23, 2014

Due to technical difficulties (I accidentally deleted the pictures!) weeks 40 & 41 won’t be posted here on the old blog.  You can check them out on instagram if you’re interested bored.  :)  Those pictures show things like a cupcake party with neighbors, ice cream for dinner (clearly, we’re into healthy eating around here), a volunteer night at Ronald McDonald house, and VACATION…

picstitch (33)

I’ll post more about that later!

Anyhoo…here’s what’s been going on around here this past week…



Day 288 – Charlie stayed at Roger’s house while we were on vacation.  He seemed confused when we went to pick him up!

(Imagine a super cute picture of a sleeping Charlie right here.  I guess I deleted it too.  Oops!)

Day 289 – This boy is still tired from his vacation – me too!

InstasizeImage (6)

Day 290 – Tay had a fun night with her peeps at Niederman Farm.


Day 291 – Chocolate covered Twinkies for my sweetie. :)


Day 292 – A treat for me while Tay is at choir (Starbucks right next to church!).


Day 293 – Celebrating 24 years!


Day 294 – I may have a slight Netflix addiction.

(I’m behind on some reading I need to do for book club so NO MORE Netflix until the book is done!)

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