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Weekend Wrap-Up

October 28, 2014

Nick came home Friday afternoon.  He needed a haircut and he & Brian had plans to go vote early.  I also took him to get his glasses adjusted (the lady says they looked a little bent – umm, yeah…that’s why we’re here!).  While Brian & Nick were out, Nick got a call that he had gotten a job that he recently interviewed for.  Yay, Nick!  We all went out to dinner at McAlister’s (yum!) and then he headed back to school to do his laundry.

Saturday morning I got up and ran an errand with Brian.  Tay was supposed to go along but she was still sleeping.  She and I ran out and did some shopping Saturday afternoon.  The stores were BUSY!  I’m guessing the weekends will just get crazier with Christmas coming!  Remind me to do my shopping during the week (or online!) and NOT on the weekend.

Sunday morning we headed to church and Tay sang with the youth choir (who joined the adult choir for the day).  Loved seeing her up there singing!  We had a few hours at home and then headed back to church for youth choir practice and children’s musical practice.  Lots of fun but we were tired and hungry when we left.  We grabbed a late dinner at Chipotle (there’s not much of a line at 8:30 p.m.).  We got home and Charlie did his best to steal Tay’s burrito!  (He once stole her salad and also stole a burger from a girl at Tay’s birthday party).

I didn’t feel my best yesterday so I did a little bit of nothing all day (I did run out and pick up a book Tay needed for school).  It’s OGT week for 11th & 12th graders this week so Tay’s school week is a little light – and she doesn’t mind one bit!  I did manage to finish up the book my book club is reading (and discussing this weekend).  I guess I did a little more than nothing.  :)

I just read through this and realize it all seems rather boring!  LOL!  Some weekends are like that, I guess.  I have something fun going on tonight so maybe I’ll have something better to share tomorrow!  :)

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