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#starrgazing2014 – Week 44

November 7, 2014

Week 44?  The year will be over before we know it!  Someone posted on fb that there were 50 days till Christmas (that was a day or two ago).  I did a little Christmas shopping this morning!  Hope y’all had a good week.  Here’s what’s been going on around here…

Day 302 – Oops!  I must have forgotten to take a picture – AGAIN!


Day 303 – This happened and I forgot to post about it!  Congrats, Tay! :)


Day 304 – Happy Halloween!

(Wonder if I could convince these kids to recreate this picture!  Two are in college, one is a senior, two are sophomores, and the little punkin’ is in 6th grade now.  Time sure flies!)


Day 305 – What?  Another day with no picture?  What is my problem?

(Sometimes I forget to take a picture and sometimes there’s just not much going on!)


Day 306 – Book Club night is always fun!  We all loved this book.

IMG_4453 (1)

Day 307 – Coffee with a friend – my first red cup of the season! :)


Day 308 – I voted this morning!  Hope you did too!

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