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Back to School, Skyline, and Football Games (Oh my!)

January 13, 2015

Taylor started back to school last week and is having exams this week.  She’s got one or two exams each day and then has the rest of the day free to study, practice guitar & piano, exercise, draw, read, whatever!  I think she’s likes the freedom but she’s ready to get back to some things outside the house, like small group and youth group.

Nick just went back to school on Sunday.  I’m sure he loves being back out on his own (although we do our best to give him that same freedom when he’s at home).  He’s been gone for two days and already misses us so much that he’s coming home for dinner tonight!

He doesn’t really miss us.  He needs money for a “study away” program he’s doing and I forgot to give him a check.  I didn’t really “forget”, I just thought I had another week.  I’ve been on “Christmas Break Time” since Nick came home a month ago and totally thought I had another week before the money is due.  It’s due Friday.  Oh well.   And how is it almost the middle of January already?!

Nick sent me a text soon after arriving at school on Sunday and asked if I could pick up a few things he needed…

photo (29)

He asked for water & pop tarts.  I just threw in the energy drinks because I’m such an awesome mom.  :)

I texted him this morning and asked what he’d like for dinner tonight.  He wants Skyline.  We could have taken him there or I could have gotten canned or frozen skyline, but I decided to try to make it myself.  We’ve lived in Cincinnati for almost 24 years and this is my first attempt at homemade Skyline chili (thank you, Pinterest).  Wish me luck!

So, there was a BIG football game on last night.  I know this because there were approximately 1,529 post on my Facebook newsfeed last night & this morning about this game.  This was my favorite…


Even Jesus loves the Buckeyes!

(I have no idea where this picture came from so I cannot give credit – sorry!  If this is your photo and you don’t want it on a blog read by thousands three people, please contact me and I’ll remove it.)

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