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Weekend Wrap Up

February 2, 2015

Happy Monday!  I didn’t mean to go so long without posting!  Brian and I went away on a trip (post coming soon) and I was tired last week when we got home.  Plus, there’s always my Netflix addiction to keep me distracted from things like blogging (and laundry).  I’m almost done with season 6 of the Gilmore Girls for those of you following along.  :)


We had a fun weekend.  Friday was a quiet night at home.  Tay wasn’t feeling well.  I ran her to the clinic to get her throat looked at and turns out she had an ear infection.  We watched some t.v. and Nick came home.

On Saturday Brian and I ran some errands.  I had some Kohl’s cash that needed used that day (thanks mom for the reminder!).  We got Brian a pair of jeans for $6.81!  Love a good Kohl’s deal (or any good deal for that matter).  I spent most of the day getting laundry caught up and the house cleaned up for our Super Bowl Party.

Sunday morning was a FUN morning at church.  We started a new program called Kidzone FX.  It’s a family worship experience and it is F-U-N!  Some of you will remember that I spent 5 years at our previous church co-hosting Kidstuf.  This is the same thing (except it’s only once a month) and I’m playing the same roll (and with some of the same people from before and some fabulous new people.  Such a great cast!).  As I was driving to church yesterday morning, I kept thinking “I can’t believe we’re doing this again.”  When we were looking for a new church, I NEVER dreamed we’d end up back at Dayspring and it’s been perfect for us (and especially for Taylor).  I also never dreamed that some of my favorite people would end up there as well!  A group of us were together last night and someone said, “I’m so glad we’re all going to church together again!”.  I feel the same way!

Speaking of last night…we brought back our Super Bowl Party.  It’s been several years since we hosted a party and we decided it was time to host again.  One year our kids got sick and we cancelled and then we had construction going on in the basement and we just stopped having the party.  I’m so glad we decided to have one last night.  We invited a couple of our old Super Bowl Party peeps and added a couple of families we’ve been friends with for a long time but hadn’t been to our house for the party.  We had FUN!  And LOTS of yummy snacks.  I made Brian’s favorite chicken sandwiches, some yummy nacho dip, and a couple of desserts (thank you, Pinterest).  The guys all ended up in the basement watching the game and the girls all sat around the table snacking and chatting.  We did catch a few commercials and the half-time show.  I love fun times with good friends.


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