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Friday Favorites

February 6, 2015

Happy Friday!  I read several blogs that do “Friday Favorites” where they blog on Friday about their Favorite things from the week.  Here are some of my favorite things from this week…

1.  Monday Date Night – okay, so it wasn’t really a date.  Brian & I walked around Sam’s while Tay was at small group.

2.  Iced Coffee – I meet some friends each week for breakfast (and that’s always a favorite!).  This week we went to Chick-Fil-A and they’re giving out free coffee all month.  I tried their new vanilla iced coffee.  Yum!


3.  Netflix – Gilmore Girls.  Enough said (at least that’s what Brian thinks every time I mention Lorelai & Rory).




4.   Friday afternoon at the animal shelter – Tay, Rachael and I love spending an hour or so with these sweet dogs each week (the girls also like the cats!).

picstitch (42)

5.  Family Dinner – you know I love dinner time with my favorite peeps.  The four of us don’t get to eat together much these days.  Nick came home early tonight and was hungry for Taco Bell so we all went and had fun catching up.

Have a great weekend!


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