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Weekend Wrap Up

February 10, 2015

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday.

BIG news from the weekend.

I finished the final season of Gilmore Girls.

(Moment of Silence)

I’m gonna miss Lorelai, Rory, and the gang from Stars Hollow.

(Clearly, I need to get a life.)

Anyhoo, in real life…

Nick needed some dress shoes so I asked him to come home a little early on Friday (he comes home and works on the weekend) and we’d go shopping.  He arrived before dinner and we headed to the shoe store.  It took him all of 3.25 seconds to choose a pair of shoes and we were on our way back home.  When Brian got home we headed out for a delicious Mexican dinner at a local place.  You may have heard of it – Taco Bell.  We like to keep it classy.  You know I LOVE dinner together with my family and it’s a rare treat now that Nick is gone during the week.

Saturday was mostly a quiet day at home.  That’s when I completed my “binge watching” (did you know that’s a thing?) of Gilmore Girls.  Saturday evening we had an opportunity with our church to head downtown and provide dinner for the homeless.  What a night.  We fed a lot of people.  I was so touched by the men, women and children who came through the line for a warm meal.  People of all ages.  I kept wondering what their story was.  What happens in life that brings you to that point?  What REALLY got me was looking up several times and seeing handsome young men come through the line.  Slap a button down shirt on that kid and it’s my kid.  How does a young college-age boy (or girl) end up on the street, seeking a meal in a shelter?  I had to put my emotions aside for the evening or I would have been the crazy person standing there crying into the box of potato chips I was passing out.  I still can’t quit thinking of it and can’t wait to go back and help again.  Another thing that hit me that night was seeing a few women carrying their belongings around in a garbage bag.  I’m sorry but no one should have to carry around all their possessions in a garbage bag.  I’m looking into what we need to do to provide large reusable totes and/or backpacks for these people.  We also talked on the way home of seeing if we could provide large baggies of things for the people to take with them (with snacks & personal care items).  Near the end of the meal, many of them had baggies and things they were filling with chips and cookies to take with them.  Heartbreaking.

Sunday morning I headed to church early for KidZone and Brian & Tay came later.  We had a lazy afternoon at home.  Brian did Nick’s taxes for him and Nick & I ran out to buy pants (I had picked him up some that were the wrong size).  Nick headed back to school and Tay drove herself to choir practice (first time on the highway by herself!).

My car was in the shop yesterday so I planned on spending the day doing laundry – until I ran out of detergent.  Oh, well.  Tay lead her small group last night and from what I hear she did a fantastic job!  Proud of you, Tay!

I’m getting ready now to head out for dinner & painting with some ladies from church.  Fun!

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