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Favorite Things Party

March 3, 2015

My Book Club decided it would be fun to have a “Favorite Things Party” for our December get together.  We quickly found out how difficult it was to coordinate our schedules to meet in December and moved the party to January.  January’s weather didn’t cooperate and we moved the date again, to a Sunday night in February.  We finally managed to get together and it was FUN!

One look on Pinterest and you’ll find that there are many different ways to host a Favorite Things Party.  Here’s what we did:

1.  Everyone brought their favorite appetizer/snack to share.  I provided dessert & drinks.

2.  Everyone chose a favorite item costing $2-3 and brought six of that item (SIX of the SAME thing).

I didn’t get any pictures of the food.  #badblogger  I made my favorite nacho dip (I used the Queso Velveeta).  We also had hanky pankies, pretzel bread & dip, bagel dip, cheese & pepperoni and crackers, chips & salsa, meatballs, and pizza (I think I remembered everything).  I put out some of my favorite napkins…

photo 2 (7)

Hospitality at it’s finest.  :)

We pigged out on everyone’s yummy appetizers (oh, the carbs!) and then it was time to share our favorite things.  Everyone brought six of their favorite item to give away and then went home with six new things to try.

photo 4 (3)I love that several of us wrapped our favorite things in brown paper packages.  :)

photo 1 (7)

I made everyone my favorite mason jar water bottle and also gave them my favorite little hand sanitizer (I always have one in my purse!).

I loved seeing what everyone else chose as their favorite thing…

photo 3 (5)

Make up remover wipes, spring scented candles (I’m not the only one who likes seasonal candles!), salted caramel cocoa & a cute mug (salted caramel is one of my FAVORITE things too!), a journal, a razor, and a magnetic notepad & fun pen.

We were CRACKING UP when we opened the razors!  Our friend who brought them was a bit embarrassed but this is exactly what this party is about — sharing something that’s your favorite with your girlfriends.  :)

After sharing our gifts we headed back to the table for one of my favorite desserts…

photo (30)

Jojo’s cupcakes!  SO yummy and we had fun tasting all the different flavors.  Again, I forgot to take pictures.  This was one of the few left over – Cookie Dough.  Yum!

We ate and talked and laughed and laughed and ate and talked and laughed some more!  What a FUN party!  I’m thinking it should be an annual event!

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