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Friday Favorites

June 12, 2015

Happy Friday!

Here are a few favorites from this week…

1.  Dinner with my favorite peeps.


(Brian was there too but didn’t get in a picture.)

Nick needed to go to the Apple store and wanted to know if we wanted to ride along and have dinner at the mall food court (since his appointment was right at dinner time).  Of course I would never turn down a chance for us all to be together since it seems to happen less and less now that both kids are working.  I mentioned on the way that Nick invited us so he should pay for everyone’s dinner.  Somehow that didn’t happen.  :)

2.  Volunteering!  We love volunteering for certain organizations around town.  Last Saturday, Brian went to City Gospel Mission with our “grow group” from church (Tay and I went to a grad party that night) to feed homeless people and Brian & I went to Ronald McDonald House on Tuesday to help serve dinner to the people staying there (Brian grilled chicken out in the heat for 2 hours – the people there loved it!).

3.  You know what’s not my favorite?  A power outage at church on a Wednesday night!  Tay & I both love our Wednesday night church.  She got a phone call as we were pulling into church letting us know that the power was out and things were cancelled.  We ran in so she could see her friend that was already there and so I could work on contacting my class and let them know not to come.  As we were driving home, Tay mentioned that we should do something so we ended up going to Jungle Jim’s.  Roaming Jungle Jim’s with my girls is a definite favorite from the week.  Of course you can’t just roam Jungle Jim’s.  You always end up buying something.


Yes, that is boxed water.


Apparently it’s “hipster”.

(Whatever that means.)


Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino


Meatless Jerky (hmm…)

When the kids were little they LOVED to go to Jungle Jim’s and we’d have to walk around and look at all the “singing things” (Tay always hated the singing gorilla).  Now Tay loves to go and look at the health food section!  :)  While we were there she decided to become a vegetarian.  Tonight she ate pepperoni pizza for dinner.  Oops!

4.  Dinner out with my hubby is always a favorite.  We don’t go out too often just the two of us.  He was supposed to be gone last night but decided to stay home so we snuck away for dinner at a little Mexican place we hadn’t tried before (Taylor was at work and Nick was sleeping after a long day of work).

5.  These three are always my favorites…


Brian and I were out back the other night and both kids came and sat down to talk and Charlie had to get right in there.  Love them!

Have a great weekend!  :)

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