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I Don’t Handle Nature Well

June 18, 2015

Last night, Taylor posted this on facebook…

Had an INCREDIBLE time worshipping with some of my favorite people tonight at Camp Lebanon. To be honest, I was kinda dreading going, and really just wanted a night to chill. But I am so happy I went, and experienced such an amazing time of being in God’s presence. Every second I spend in God’s word, worshipping, and fellowshipping with other believers makes me fall in love with God and life more and more. P.S let’s take a minute to acknowledge that there was a FROG ON OUR STEERING WHEEL on our way back from camp. Sorry to everyone in the car who had to hear me screaming over it. I don’t handle nature well.

“Where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” || Matthew 18:20

(Posted here with permission.)

First of all, can I just say that this girl inspires me in my walk with Jesus every single day.  She loves Jesus and loves reading & studying her Bible.  Church is one of her favorite places to be and she LOVES her church peeps so much.  We’re so thankful for this amazing group of friends she has.  I know you hear so much negative about teenagers but let me tell you there are some great teens out there!

And now let’s talk about the “P.S.” portion of her post.  There was a FROG ON THEIR STEERING WHEEL.

A frog.

In the car.

On the steering wheel.


And my favorite part — “I don’t handle nature well.”  LOL!  That girl cracks me up.

Can I just tell you how thankful I am that Brian was the one driving!

Several weeks ago, our wonderful youth pastor called and asked if Brian & I would be willing to drive some teens to camp for the evening.  This week is senior high camp and a lot of the kids would be there for the week but he wanted to let those that couldn’t come for the week have an opportunity to come for the Wednesday night service.  I lead a Bible study at church on Wednesdays so I knew I couldn’t go but I went ahead and volunteered Brian to drive a group.  Wasn’t that nice of me?  LOL!  (He didn’t mind.)

Last night was the night and as you can see from Tay’s post, they had an amazing time.  It was LATE when they left camp and very DARK outside so they had NO idea they had an extra passenger in the car on the ride home.  They drove the back country roads from camp and as they got into town and near businesses with lights on, Brian looked down and saw it.  I’ve been told that he very calmly stated, “There’s a frog on the steering wheel.”

(How he remained calm, I have NO idea.  I would have screamed and most likely wrecked the car.  Again, thankful that HE was the one driving to/from camp!)

Apparently the girls in the car all screamed, the one boy remained calm, and Brian simply pulled over and got the frog out of the car.


What excitement and now they all have a fun story to tell!  I love a fun story but what I don’t love is that this all took place in MY car.  So that lead to this text to Brian this morning…


Have you checked your car for wildlife today?  I was a nervous wreck running errands this morning.  I was sure I was going to look down and see this…


All was well in the car this morning and I had no frog (or any other critter) encounters.

I had to laugh at some of the comments on Tay’s post.  Our youth pastor & his family spend a lot of time at the various camps this month and last week his wife found a frog in the shower with her!  Yikes!  She said she had to scream for help!  Apparently she doesn’t handle nature well either!  :)

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