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Weekend Wrap-Up

August 24, 2015

Happy Monday!



Charlie wasn’t feelin’ it this morning.

When Brian left for work this morning he asked me what was on my agenda for the day besides laundry.  Now, I don’t recall mentioning that I was doing laundry so I wasn’t sure where that comment came from.

And then I walked into our bathroom.




We had a great weekend.

I spent a good part of the day on Friday baking cookies and dropping them off for a Saturday event at church.


I was asked to make oatmeal cookies and of course I said I would.  There was only one tiny problem – I don’t make oatmeal cookies.  I searched Pinterest for oatmeal cookies with no nuts & raisins (they didn’t ask for that but I always worry and nut allergies and I just don’t care for raisins in cookies).  The first pan of cookies turned out horrible.  They tasted good but looked awful.  THANKFULLY I figured out what went wrong and was able to come up with the amount I had promised to make.  And they looked and tasted good too!  Whew!

Friday evening we took Tay & her friend to the mall.  While the girls shopped Brian and I ate in the mall food court and did some birthday shopping for a certain girl who has a birthday soon.  :)

Saturday morning, Tay and I went to a Ladies Tea at church.


We sat with a fun group and drank tea (Tay didn’t care for the tea) and ate some yummy finger sandwiches.  I had plans to do some things around the house Saturday afternoon but I ended up taking a nap.  I can’t remember what we did Saturday evening.  Hmm…  Oh, we grilled out some steaks.  I thought we were all going to be home for dinner but Nick made other plans.  He met a friend at Waffle House (he was sorry he had made those plans when he saw steak on the grill).

Sunday morning we went to church and then Tay and I went out to lunch and shopping with some friends.  We went to the cutest little shop down in Kentucky called It’s Only Fair.  It has all kinds of cool fair trade items that help women around the world.  Sunday evening Tay had band practice and after that I ran to Kohl’s to use up some Kohl’s cash that was ready to expire.  I got around $105 worth of stuff for $2.10.  Seriously, $2.10.

School is in full swing and for some reason Tay has more homework that she’s had the past couple years of online school.  She was commenting today that she’s about to get really busy and she’s right!  School, church, work, band, piano & voice lessons, youth choir…  whew!  Thankfully she enjoys it all and it’s all good stuff.  We enjoyed having Nick home and hearing about his first week of school as well.  He and I made a run to Sam’s before he headed back to school this afternoon.  He stocked up on some necessities — like energy drinks, candy, and Twinkies (and assorted other junk food).

Hope you all had a great weekend too.  I better get back to my laundry!  :)

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