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Weekend Wrap-Up

August 31, 2015

Goodness, the weekends seem to go so fast!  Nick comes home on Thursday evenings and works as much as possible over the weekend and the next thing I know he’s heading back to school.  I’m thankful we were able to have lunch with him today before he headed back to Kentucky.  Love that kid!

Friday morning started out with a trip to the dentist for Tay.  She was thrilled.  She had a LONG week of school and the dentist was just what she needed to round out the week.  (Sorry, Tay!).  She worked that afternoon and a bit later than usual due to an event at the coffee shop (the cupcake shop is inside a coffee shop — if you’re local and haven’t been, you need to go!).  Brian worked late too and came downstairs around 7:30 p.m. wondering if we were ever going to eat dinner.  LOL!  Sorry, Brian!  I totally forgot to tell him that Tay was working late and we’d eat with her when she got home.  Oops!

Brian worked more on Saturday (they’re trying to finish up a big project) and I worked on a little laundry.  I also had to gather up some props for KidZone practice Saturday afternoon.  Brian took off Saturday afternoon to go with Tay to a work event.  She was selling cupcakes at a “Cruise-In”.


Our cute cupcake girl.  :)

While they were heading to the work event, I went on a search for Pop Rocks.  I checked a couple of places close to home (a kid working one store looked at me like I was speaking a different language – guess he’d never heard of Pop Rocks).  I finally found them at Jungle Jim’s.



Do you have any idea how CRAZY Jungle Jim’s is on a Saturday afternoon?  It’s a jungle!  Ha!

I headed to church for KidZone rehearsal and then made my way to the cruise-in (and got totally lost!).  It was a nice evening so Brian & I hung out while Tay worked.  We ran into Tay’s old dance teacher and it was nice catching up with her in person and not just on facebook.

Sunday morning we went to church and had SO MUCH FUN!  So, you know how I used to do KidStuf at our old church?  Well, we’re doing KidZone now at Dayspring and once a month we do KidZone FX where the kids & parents come together for a great family worship experience.   Sunday morning we were given the opportunity to present the program during the main service.  It was CRAZY fun and a GREAT message on conviction (standing for what is right even when others don’t).

Sunday afternoon was spent watching a bunch of Netflix and reading  (Brian was working  and Tay was napping).  Tay went to band practice and then we ordered pizza.  Sunday evening I realized I needed to call my grandma — it was her 98th birthday!  Somehow I had in my mind that I needed to call her on Monday and I’m so glad I remembered to call!  Whew!


This was a couple of years ago on Thanksgiving — her first selfie!  Isn’t she cute?  We just love her!  Her friend Margaret had posted on facebook that they went to play cards and had birthday cake.  Happy Birthday, Grandma!

This morning started rough for these two…

IMG_5477 IMG_4291

They just weren’t ready for Monday!

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