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September 11, 2015

This little punkin’…


is 17 today!


Just. Can’t. Believe it.

Why does time have to go so fast?


The guys were both working today so she did her school work this morning and then we had a fun afternoon together.  We stopped at Chick-Fil-A for spicy chicken sandwiches (our favorite!), went to Family Christian so she could buy a new Bible, and then headed to the mall to spend some more of her birthday money.  :)  She’s not a big fan of cake (except for the cupcakes at work) so we grabbed some slices of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for tonight.  Yum!

In honor of Taylor’s day, here are 17 things you may or may not know about Taylor…

  1.  She loves Jesus!  She’s a Jesus girl and LOVES studying her Bible and growing her in her walk with Him.  She inspires me every day!
  2. Church is her happy place.  She loves her youth group, her youth pastor, and her church peeps.
  3. She loves journals & fun colored pens.
  4. She loves worship music & country music too.
  5. She hopes to live in Tennessee some day.  She LOVES Nashville.
  6. She plays guitar in the youth worship band at church.
  7. She also plays piano (but not in the band at church).
  8. She works part-time at a cute cupcake shop (and they have the best cupcakes!).
  9. She LOVES her dog (and ALL dogs — she’d have several if we’d let her!).
  10. Chipotle is her favorite (burrito with white rice, steak, cheese, and sour cream).
  11. She loves cute clothes and cute shoes.
  12. She loves bath stuff from LUSH (and may have spent a good chunk of her birthday money there today).
  13. She loves “fair trade” products that support & help people around the world.
  14. She loves coloring.  Did you know they make coloring books for grown-ups?  She just bought one and a big box of crayons.
  15. She’s a healthy eater and likes to try new healthy foods (beet chips, anyone?).
  16. She loves hanging out with her friends but also likes quiet time at home.
  17. She loves all forms of social media and uses it in such a positive way to encourage others.

Happy Birthday, Taylor!  We love you so much!



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