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Weekend Wrap Up

February 8, 2016

Let’s pretend I haven’t gone over an entire month without a blog post!  I’ll play catch-up later.  For now, here’s what happened over the weekend.  It was a good one!

Friday night, Taylor had plans to meet a friend for dinner.  They did a little shopping and then came back here and made some super yummy chai latte cupcakes.   Brian and I decided to take advantage of a free evening and headed out on a date that didn’t involve a trip to Home Depot.  :)  It did however involve a trip to the Christian bookstore and Sam’s.  How is it that you can go into Sam’s, not find what you’re looking for and still spend $116?  We also had a great dinner at Cancun.  Brian had never been there before and loved it.  I think it’s his new favorite.

Saturday morning I headed to the grocery store for a few things.  I came home and made a bunch of Rice Krispie treats and took a short nap (I had a headache – yuck!).  The first Saturday of every month is “Servant Saturday” at church so we headed out to meet up with some church friends.  We went downtown and served dinner to 144 people!


I wish I could show you the wonderful people we served.  I know this hot meal is a blessing to them and it’s a huge blessing to us to get to serve them.  There’s one sweet man who is there every time and he always stops by the kitchen afterwards to thank us and to sing for us (he sang the first time we went and now we ask him and he loves sharing an original song with us).

Last year we started taking Rice Krispie Treats and it became a little competition between the ones with sprinkles and the plain ones.  This time our friend Nancy went a bit crazy and made extra thick, HUGE treats that were a HUGE hit!


Can you see how big those things are compared to the “normal” (wimpy looking) sprinkle covered treats that Angie & I made?  (One man said sprinkles were for sissies.  We were cracking up.)  I’m not sure this picture really shows how BIG those treats were.  Rice Krispie Treat bake-off coming soon!  :)

At the end of the evening I gathered everyone for a selfie (I should have brought my selfie stick!).  Check out Tay in the making of this group selfie…

IMG_6436 IMG_6437 IMG_6438 IMG_6439 IMG_6440 IMG_6441 IMG_6442

She was eating a candy cane and trying not to show it in the picture.

Such a great night and a fun group of people to work with.

After serving we headed towards home and met Nick for dinner.  He came home to spend Sunday with us. It was fun sitting down together and catching up for a bit.

Sunday morning started EARLY when I got up to throw some chili together before heading off to an early KidZoneFX rehearsal.  We had a super fun morning in children’s church and a great church service.  I loved seeing Tay playing her guitar again in the service (and I didn’t take a picture!).

After church we had a chili cook-off and this happened…


One of my BFF’s, Angie, won the whole thing!  She was so shocked!  She had told us all morning that her chili was “simple” and “nothing special” and then she wins it all!  Way to go, Angie!  I tasted her chili and it was really good!

We decided to skip hosting and/or attending any Super Bowl parties this year and just spend the evening at home together and it was so nice to have a quiet night at home together.  I fixed everyone’s favorite party foods and we just had a relaxing evening watching some fun (and some weird!) commercials (Brian & Nick watched the game too).


What a great weekend!

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