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January & February Things

March 17, 2016

Yes, I am posting about stuff that happened in January & February.  Yes.  I do know that it’s the MIDDLE OF MARCH!


It’s my blog and I’ll post late if I want to.  :)  How did January & February fly by so quickly?

The fall leading up to the holidays was BUSY!  The holidays were BUSY!  Honestly, I thought things would slow down a bit after Christmas but I was wrong.  Lots of great things going on but I just didn’t make time for blogging.

(Warning:  Lots of pictures ahead!)

January was filled with kids returning to school, doctor appointments (everyone is fine), fun church stuff, and a couple of trips.

Brian traveled to Seattle for work and he & I spent a long weekend in Mexico!

We had a GREAT time soaking up the sun.  And those fish tacos (bottom left)?  Life changing.  #imserious

While we were enjoying the SUN, Tay was here…


Tubing with her peeps.  What fun!

We celebrated our favorite boy…


He turned 20!  #wheredidthetimego

I totally missed getting a birthday blog post up for him (Sorry, Nick!  I know he doesn’t care one bit!).

Nick quit his job at McDonald’s so he’s not coming home every weekend like he had been.  We miss him when he’s not here but we’re so thankful that he loves school and has had a great start to this semester!

February was packed with fun things.   Taylor and I painted pottery with friends…

and spent a fun day exploring the Newport Aquarium on a school trip.

We had fun at our church’s chili cook-off where Angie won first place!

IMG_6446 (1)

I love this picture!  She really was surprised!

Tay LOVED going to Winter Jam with her favorite people.


I had a great time with some of my favorite peeps at our Women’s Ministry Movie Night.


(We watched Mom’s Night Out — so funny!).

We loved serving dinner at City Gospel with our church peeps…

IMG_6442 (1)

and the families at Ronald McDonald’s house with Brian’s work.


(I always hesitate to post pics from the service things we do.  I don’t EVER want anyone to think I’m posting to “brag” on what we’re doing!  I hope you’ll see how much FUN we’re having serving others and get out and serve!  You’ll be a blessing to others AND you’ll be blessed yourself!)

Brian traveled to Seattle again.  He doesn’t think those LONG travel days are much fun!  :)

Whew!  So that’s what’s been going on around here!  What’s new with you?





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