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May Things

June 10, 2016

What happened to May?  Seriously.  Is it me or did May just FLY by?

Nick finished up his second year of college (see, time really does FLY!) and came home unemployed and broke.  #poorcollegekid  His car battery died the first week of summer break.  Adulting is hard.  He went to work looking for a job and eventually found one.  After what seemed like endless training he finally got started working.  We’re still trying to figure out why so many businesses post “now hiring” signs but don’t call applicants for interviews.

Taylor finished up her junior year of high school (seriously?) and is looking forward to lots of fun adventures this summer.  More on that later!

Three of the four of us were sick with allergies or summer colds.  I don’t really know what it was but it lingered for at least a week and drove us all nuts!  Tay even missed her piano recital which was a real bummer!

We did manage to squeeze in some fun too.

Some friends & I hit the Donut Trail.  #besttrailever


What fun!  Great summer activity if you’re looking for something to do.  You can find all the info here.

Tay sang with some girls from church at a church in Middletown.  She even sang a solo!  She did great!  #soproud

IMG_6802 (1)

I went to a fun bowling night with some fun ladies from church.  Angie had the high score of the whole night!


Angie killing it at the bowling alley.  Check out her shoes.  NOT the rental shoes.  You know you’re with a serious bowler when they have their own shoes.  :)

Charlie had a GREAT time during his first trip to the dog park.

So many great dogs!  We had NO idea how he’d do.  We have a big backyard and he HATES it.  He LOVED the dog park and ran all over.  Tay said she was so proud – it’s like watching your kid socialize.  LOL!  I have a feeling the dog park will become a regular thing (one friend even made a facebook group so we can make plans to meet up!).

Nick’s summer got incredibly busy this week when he started his normal work schedule and two summer classes.  Tay’s looking forward to the first of her summer adventures starting next week.  You’ll have to wait for my June post to hear about all of that!  :)

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  1. jean permalink
    June 12, 2016 11:39 am

    Thanks for posting again. Loved it!!

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