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Brian’s Birthday

September 29, 2016

Today is Brian’s birthday!  We’re finally the same age again.  :)

(Warning: Lots of pictures ahead!)

We were up early this morning for a fun-filled day!  It was a field trip day for Taylor so we got Brian to take a few hours off and go with us.  Tay gave Brian this card this morning…


(If you really know the two of them, you’ll know how funny this is!)

And then this gift that she made for him at Build-a-Bear…


(Aren’t they the cutest?)

And then we were off for some fun!  First stop was Dunkin for some donuts and coffee.


Then we headed down to the zoo.  What a perfect zoo day!  Cool temps and no crowds.  It was early morning and the animals (most of them) were more active than we’ve seen before.  It was also feeding time for several of them and that was fun to watch (well, the eagles eating dead rats & fish wasn’t all that fun).

img_7576 img_7574 img_7572 img_7569 img_7534 img_7531 img_7529 img_7519 img_7517 img_7515


(I warned you about the pictures!)

Feeding time for the gorillas was our favorite!  They gave them bottles filled with some sort of food and it was so interesting watching them work to get the food out of the bottle (one took two bottles and appeared to be hiding from the others when eating :).

img_7544-1 img_7552 img_7564

And have you seen the Africa area?  Taylor had seen it before but it was a first for me & Brian.  Gorgeous!

img_7583 img_7589 img_7584 img_7580-1 img_7587

I took too many pictures of these camels.  They were hilarious.  The one in the back looked like he was smiling. :)


And check out this baby giraffe.


Too cute.  And for size comparison here she (he?) is with an adult…


After the zoo we stopped by Nick’s school to put new tags on his car (we hadn’t gotten them in time to give them to him when he was home – totally my fault!  Sorry, Brian!).


And then we headed for lunch at Rapid Fired Pizza.


So yummy!

We came home so Brian could do some work & Tay could do some school work.  We grabbed a light dinner and then stopped and picked this up for later…


What a fun day!

Happy Birthday, Brian!  We love you so much! :)


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  1. VICKI gEBHART permalink
    October 1, 2016 2:55 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ………I see all your friends at the zoo party, but did they give you any Gifts?, Cards, Kisses, Hugs, any thing at ALL. Oh well U still have your family to relay on.

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