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Why are you so busy?

March 31, 2017

Last week I was telling Taylor something that I was going to be doing that evening while she was at work.  She said to me, “Why are you so busy?”  I have no idea.  March has been busy.  Family stuff, church stuff, friend stuff…lot of GOOD stuff…but lots of stuff none the less.

This week in my not-so-small group, we talked about the things that we say yes to and the things that we say no to.  I think March was filled with MANY “yeses” for me.  And that’s okay sometimes but I just don’t like to be gone from home as much as I was this month.  I found myself saying “I just need to get through this week and things will slow down” way more often than I’d like.

Being super busy isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s not always a good thing either.  I just need a bit more balance – and less things taking me away from home in the evening – going forward.   We’re also old and like just being home together in the evening.  :)


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