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Weekend Wrap-Up

May 1, 2017

Brian headed to Columbus on Friday to spend the day with his mom & Don.  His mom had surgery last Wednesday (a big back surgery) and was in horrible pain when we left her after the surgery.  He was happy to see that she was gradually improving.  I had picked up the cutest little pot of cheerful yellow daisies for him to take.  I put them on the table.  I reminded him Thursday night to take them.  I came downstairs Friday morning…


Yep, he forgot the flowers!  He said when he arrived at the hospital there was a BIG, BEAUTIFUL arrangement of flowers from one of his brothers so he was kinda glad he had walked off without my little dinky daisies.  LOL!

His brother is such a show-off.  

(He’s not really.)

And then his uncle showed up to visit.  With a big flower bouquet.

Seriously, people?

Anyhoo…I’m doing my best to keep those daisies alive (I do not have a green thumb) and I will take them to her when I see her.  They may be dinky but I love them and she will too.  :)

I didn’t go to Columbus on Friday because I had plans with Nick.  He had an event he was attending over the weekend and also a new job he’s starting soon so I offered to get him some new clothes.  We had a fun afternoon together.  He decided to spend the weekend and went out with some friends Friday evening for dinner and then they came back and hung out here.  Brian got home and mowed the lawn.  He & I got a quick dinner and then stopped by the coffee shop where Tay works for Worship Night.  I almost talked myself out of going.  I was tired & just wanted to put on my pj’s.  I’m SO glad we decided to stop by.  The worship was lead by a youth band from a local church and I was in tears almost from the moment we walked in.  Geesh!  What is wrong with me?  Watching teens lead worship just gets me.  I was crying those “proud mom tears” and I didn’t even know any of the kids!  I pulled myself together and really enjoyed the evening.  But I lost it again when all the pastors that were there prayed over the business and the workers.  So moving watching them pray for this wonderful business and for my girl as she works there!

We were up bright & early Saturday morning.  It was college orientation day!  The weather was horrible (and we even had to pull over for a bit because the rain was so heavy) but we finally made it downtown (and on time!).  Tons of information, lots of paperwork filled out, and a nice lunch with two of the leaders in the ministry department (really nice guys!).  Tay is so excited for fall!


Tay had plans to meet a friend for dinner so Brian, Nick & I grilled some steaks.  I had gotten this text from Nick around lunchtime…


Ha!  That’s what happens when you make an unexpected trip home.  I think the steak made up for it.  :)  I guess I better stock up before he moves home for the summer!  Nick was planning to spend the whole weekend but had forgotten something he needed and headed back to school after dinner.

Yesterday morning we went to church, had lunch at Firehouse Subs (the tuna is really good!), and then Brian & I went to order a table for our sunroom.  We’re in the process of redoing the room and can’t wait to get it all put together.  We spent the rest of the afternoon at home and it was wonderful!  Brian had work to catch up on and I did some reading & Bible study (I may have taken a small nap).  I loved walking by Tay’s room and hearing her in there playing the guitar for fun (she hasn’t had much time for that lately!).  Since we were out of food (Nick was right!), I did my grocery shopping online for pick-up this morning.


Online shopping is the best!

And just because he’s cute…


Poor pup didn’t sleep well with all the storms this weekend.  We’re all tired today!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  We’re counting down the days till summer around here!

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