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Sick Puppy Dog

July 3, 2017

You guys.  I’M SO TIRED.  The last week has been spent taking care of a sick little puppy dog.  Corbin started “coughing” (sounds like gagging) last Tuesday.  I immediately thought he might have kennel cough (I’m no dog illness expert.  We had a dog in the past that I thought was choking on a piece of a Barbie doll but ended up having kennel cough.).


By Tuesday evening it became VERY clear that he was sick.  Nick’s girlfriend was here for dinner.  We were eating tacos out in the sunroom while Corbin coughed and hacked and began to spit up all over the NEW sunroom carpet.  Do we know how to entertain or what?  Nothing says “Welcome to Taco Tuesday” like a hacking dog for your dining entertainment.

TMI?  Maybe.  I’ll spare you ALL the gross details of the next 7 days.  Brian attempted to cover the NEW living room carpet with old blankets and I slept downstairs with the dog for the last week.  An entire week.  On the world’s most uncomfortable couch.

Friends, if you take nothing else from this post (other than not entertaining guests on a night when your dog is hacking stuff all over your new carpet), hear me on this…when you buy a couch, MAKE SURE IT’S COMFORTABLE FOR SLEEPING ON.  Seriously.  LAY DOWN ON IT.  TOSS and TURN on it.  TAKE a NAP on it if you have to.  In 12 years you might just find yourself sleeping on it when you try to keep your dog from hacking all over your new carpet (apparently dogs don’t realize they should get sick on the blankets protecting the new carpet).

In the middle of the Taco Tuesday craziness, I called the vet and he called in an antibiotic – to the “regular” pharmacy which resulted in a couple crazy phone calls with the pharmacist.  “Yes, the medicine is for my dog.  Yes, I know his birthday but I’m pretty sure the vet didn’t have it on him when he called you from home.”  I got up bright & early the next day to run over to the vet’s office to get some cough tablets.  It’s been a LONG week but Corbin is s-l-o-w-l-y recovering.  He’s slept longer that 15 minutes at a stretch the past two nights.  Hopefully we’ll be sleeping back upstairs soon.

In the midst of this crazy, exhausting week, there was this bright spot…


My DFF’s very talented artist daughter painted this!  Isn’t it the best?  Love! Love! Love!

Also, our new carpets are all getting cleaned.

Does anyone want to come over for tacos?  I promise it’ll be entertaining.

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