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I’m Not Good with Flowers

July 26, 2017

I’m not good with flowers.  Or any plant really.  I try.  I want to garden.  I want to have nice, beautiful flowers.  But I struggle.  I start out strong but eventually fizzle out.  And by fizzle out I mean I forget to water.

(And let’s not even talk about my efforts at growing veggies.)

I was doing great this year.  In the spring my Bible study leader had given us all a small thing of flowers.  I came home and planted them in a pot and took great care of them. They flourished.


Seriously.  Have you ever seen such a beautiful pot of flowers?  (I have no idea what kind of flowers they are so don’t ask.)

We have a large pot in the backyard that we usually add a mixed arrangement to and we also planted three new bushes and moved another plant (and by “we”, I mean Brian).  We don’t usually have luck with flowers out front but decided to try some this year, along with the fern we always get for a large pot out there.  I decided I would water the things in the back of the house and Brian could take care of the front (mainly because the hose in the back is easier to get to — and since I’m already plant challenged I figured easier was, well…easier).

Things were going well until we discovered that the flowers out front got WAY too much sun.  They looked good for about 2 1/2 days and then they were awful.  So awful that Brian just ended up digging them up and declaring he would NEVER plant flowers in the front again.  Dramatic much?  

I continued to plug along with the backyard plants and was extra thankful for the rain we’ve had this summer which made my job easier.  Until I began to rely so much on the rain that I may have forgotten to water a day or two.  Or five.

Are you aware of what happens to flowers in July when you don’t water?

My once beautiful pot of flowers was now looking rather droopy.


Brian tried to revive them.


And guess what?  Some faithful watering and some pruning worked (several years ago I watched a youtube video on pruning some flowers we had at the time and I’m not sure if that same method is supposed to be used on all plants but it’s all I know so I go for it).

They perked right back up.


Isn’t that amazing how that happens?  I’m back to faithfully watering.  For now.  (And by faithfully watering I mean I watered them last night & this morning.  We’ll see what happens later.)

Full disclosure:  They perked right back up after that first watering by Brian.   But I did prune them and have continued the watering so that counts for something, right?

Now, I wonder if I can get these flowers to perk back up?


Might be a lost cause.  I’ll keep you posted.

Conversation when Brian saw me taking that last picture…

B – What are you taking that for?

Me – My blog.  A post on gardening.  A gardening how-to.

B – You’ve got some mad skills.  Or you’re just mad.



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