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Friday Favorites

July 28, 2017

Happy Friday!

Here’s a random assortment of some of my recent favorite things.

(Warning:  Lots of Pictures Ahead)

Snap Chat

Are you on Snap Chat?  So much fun!

These were from Tay’s account and I thought they were so cute.

Family Fun

In just a few short weeks, Brian and I are going to be empty nesters.  *GASP*  We’ve been taking advantage of family time as much as possible.  One night we did make your own pizzas (buy mini pizza crusts and tons of different toppings and let everyone go crazy – easy family fun night).

I had made Brian’s favorite salad to take to a pool party and we had plenty left for this night too.


I guess I forgot to take pictures of our sundae creations.

We also played this hilarious game.


Have you played?  It’s like the old “telephone” game but involves drawing (one person writes the clue – the next person draws – the next person writes their guess based on the drawing – the next person draws based on the previous person’s drawing – and so on until the little tablets make their way around the circle).  (Did that make any sense at all?)  Anyhoo…it was HILARIOUS.  I’ll be asking for this game for Christmas.

We were supposed to go to Kings Island last weekend but the weather was iffy on the day we chose so we switched things up.  We all went to lunch together and then to The Web.  We had a blast playing laser tag, putt putt and a few video games.

We came home and spent the rest of the afternoon playing dominos.  We realized that there are MANY different ways to play dominos and we weren’t real clear on what rules we were following (and changed them several times).  We decided we’d find a set of rules to follow for the next time.  Anyone have a version you follow?  Send me a link!

Dog Paintings

My DFF gave me this adorable painting of Corbin that her daughter did (I may have shared it before).


Isn’t it the cutest?

My neighbors just lost their dog so I hired Hailey to paint his picture.

FullSizeRender (2)


Doesn’t she do amazing work?  Love. Love. Love.


I’ve been spending the last few Thursday evenings at the bowling alley for our Women’s Ministry Bowling League.  What fun we have!

Last week my friend, Allie, got FOUR strikes in a row and the highest game of the night! Love her!  And that’s my SUPER friend, Jen, in the cape.  Love her too!  :)


I love crazy text messages with typos & weird autocorrected words.

IMG_9741 (1)

Have a great weekend!  Hope it’s filled with lots of favorite things!  :)

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