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Weekend Wrap-Up

August 1, 2017

I know it’s Tuesday but I’m trying to be a better blogger and wanted to make sure to post about our weekend.  I planned on writing yesterday but ended up taking a nap in the afternoon!  I didn’t mean to.  Sometimes it just happens.  :)

Anyhoo…we had a weekend that was jam-packed with good things.

Friday night we headed to our favorite coffee shop for worship night.  A southern gospel sister duo was singing.  We met one half of this group many years ago when our kids were at CCS.  Brian coached her son in basketball when he was in first grade and Nick was in kindergarten (and all these years later, her daughter & Taylor work at the same coffee shop).  Our friend, Jen joined us and we had a nice evening listening to the ladies sing.


Saturday we took a LONG trip down to the Museum Center (thank you Cincinnati traffic – what should have taken 30 minutes, took almost an HOUR AND 30 MINUTES!).  Nick got Brian tickets to a special exhibit for Father’s Day.


Star Wars costumes!

I haven’t seen all the Star Wars movies so there were some costumes that I couldn’t connect to a certain film but I totally enjoyed it anyways.

The evolution of the Stormtroopers…

Fun fact about Chewbacca…


And my favorite Star Wars characters…

Darth Vader…

There was a sign showing the process for getting into the Darth Vader costume.  All I could think was I hope he didn’t have to use the restroom once he got in that thing!  LOL!

And finally, another favorite…


Yoda!  Love him.

The detail on these costumes is amazing to see up close.  They’re beautiful.  And some of them look so heavy and they all look HOT!

(I once had to wear a bunny costume during a Kidstuf opening so I know how hot costumes can be.  Ha!).

Another fun part of the exhibit was the concept art for the characters.

My DFF’s daughter is heading off to art school in a few weeks and Brian & I kept talking about how we could totally see her doing this type of art.  So cool!

If you’re local and love Star Wars, you should totally go see this.

Sunday was great day at church — our annual backpack give-away.  This year we added a clothing give-away as well and it was a fantastic event!

(I didn’t take a single picture so I stole these from Facebook.)

Taylor and I helped with the kids during the morning and then after church I helped with the clothing give-away.

What a weekend!  And now we’ve moved into a busy week with VBS.  We kicked off last night with a local high school marching band.


Loved it!  That’s how you start VBS!

What a great weekend!  The countdown is on now as both our kids prepare to head off to college!  The summer has gone WAY too fast!


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