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100 – She Did It!

August 30, 2017

When she was close to turning 93, she told my mom that she wanted to live 5 more years and have fun every day.  I was hoping she’d go ahead and tack on 2 more years and shoot for 100.


(Nick’s grad party in 2014.)

She did it!  Woohoo!

My grandma is 100 years old today!


The last year and a half have been hard for her.  She moved to a new house, fell a couple times, broke her hips and went through all the rehab and things involved with that.  But she keeps on going and I think she usually has a pretty good attitude about it all!


She’s having a lunch party with my mom’s Bunko friends today and then some of her card friends (she loves playing cards) are going to stop by and see her this afternoon.  I called her this morning but she didn’t have her hearing aids in so I’m not sure she heard much of what I said.  LOL!  We’ll see her and celebrate on Saturday.  What do you buy someone who’s 100 years old for their birthday?!

photo (21)

I don’t have any recent pictures so these are just a random assortment of some of my favorites.  Isn’t she cute?

Grandma 002

She loves playing cards (and Bunko), McDonald’s strawberry sundaes (I once claimed she loved their hot fudge sundaes and she was quick to tell me it was strawberry), Dr. Pepper, and Cassano’s pizza (me too!).  She loves fancy clothes & big jewelry but spends most of her days now in cute pj’s (which is probably what I’ll give her – don’t tell).  She also loves watching the Game Show Network and my parents got her these awesome headphones to wear so she can hear the t.v. better.  She’s always been one of the nicest people I know.  She was always making food for old people (who were probably younger than she was) and would give gifts to everyone – from the staff at her doctor’s office to EVERYONE attending a family party (for any and every event!).  Often times you’d come away with a pair (or three!) of crocheted slippers.  :)  Boy how she loved to crochet and she did so every day until her eyes got too bad.  I think she still has my mom get gifts for the doctor’s office whenever they need to go.

Mother's Day

People are always amazed that she lived alone (and drove!) for as long as she did.  Other than some issues with her eyes (and the fact that she’s 100 YEARS OLD!), she really doesn’t have any major health issues!  Amazing!  I hope if I live to 100 that I’m as fabulous as she is!


(One of my very FAVORITE pictures!)

Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma!  We hope you had a fun day celebrating!  We love you so much!




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