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Sick Puppy Dog

July 3, 2017

You guys.  I’M SO TIRED.  The last week has been spent taking care of a sick little puppy dog.  Corbin started “coughing” (sounds like gagging) last Tuesday.  I immediately thought he might have kennel cough (I’m no dog illness expert.  We had a dog in the past that I thought was choking on a piece of a Barbie doll but ended up having kennel cough.).


By Tuesday evening it became VERY clear that he was sick.  Nick’s girlfriend was here for dinner.  We were eating tacos out in the sunroom while Corbin coughed and hacked and began to spit up all over the NEW sunroom carpet.  Do we know how to entertain or what?  Nothing says “Welcome to Taco Tuesday” like a hacking dog for your dining entertainment.

TMI?  Maybe.  I’ll spare you ALL the gross details of the next 7 days.  Brian attempted to cover the NEW living room carpet with old blankets and I slept downstairs with the dog for the last week.  An entire week.  On the world’s most uncomfortable couch.

Friends, if you take nothing else from this post (other than not entertaining guests on a night when your dog is hacking stuff all over your new carpet), hear me on this…when you buy a couch, MAKE SURE IT’S COMFORTABLE FOR SLEEPING ON.  Seriously.  LAY DOWN ON IT.  TOSS and TURN on it.  TAKE a NAP on it if you have to.  In 12 years you might just find yourself sleeping on it when you try to keep your dog from hacking all over your new carpet (apparently dogs don’t realize they should get sick on the blankets protecting the new carpet).

In the middle of the Taco Tuesday craziness, I called the vet and he called in an antibiotic – to the “regular” pharmacy which resulted in a couple crazy phone calls with the pharmacist.  “Yes, the medicine is for my dog.  Yes, I know his birthday but I’m pretty sure the vet didn’t have it on him when he called you from home.”  I got up bright & early the next day to run over to the vet’s office to get some cough tablets.  It’s been a LONG week but Corbin is s-l-o-w-l-y recovering.  He’s slept longer that 15 minutes at a stretch the past two nights.  Hopefully we’ll be sleeping back upstairs soon.

In the midst of this crazy, exhausting week, there was this bright spot…


My DFF’s very talented artist daughter painted this!  Isn’t it the best?  Love! Love! Love!

Also, our new carpets are all getting cleaned.

Does anyone want to come over for tacos?  I promise it’ll be entertaining.


Weekend Wrap-Up

May 1, 2017

Brian headed to Columbus on Friday to spend the day with his mom & Don.  His mom had surgery last Wednesday (a big back surgery) and was in horrible pain when we left her after the surgery.  He was happy to see that she was gradually improving.  I had picked up the cutest little pot of cheerful yellow daisies for him to take.  I put them on the table.  I reminded him Thursday night to take them.  I came downstairs Friday morning…


Yep, he forgot the flowers!  He said when he arrived at the hospital there was a BIG, BEAUTIFUL arrangement of flowers from one of his brothers so he was kinda glad he had walked off without my little dinky daisies.  LOL!

His brother is such a show-off.  

(He’s not really.)

And then his uncle showed up to visit.  With a big flower bouquet.

Seriously, people?

Anyhoo…I’m doing my best to keep those daisies alive (I do not have a green thumb) and I will take them to her when I see her.  They may be dinky but I love them and she will too.  :)

I didn’t go to Columbus on Friday because I had plans with Nick.  He had an event he was attending over the weekend and also a new job he’s starting soon so I offered to get him some new clothes.  We had a fun afternoon together.  He decided to spend the weekend and went out with some friends Friday evening for dinner and then they came back and hung out here.  Brian got home and mowed the lawn.  He & I got a quick dinner and then stopped by the coffee shop where Tay works for Worship Night.  I almost talked myself out of going.  I was tired & just wanted to put on my pj’s.  I’m SO glad we decided to stop by.  The worship was lead by a youth band from a local church and I was in tears almost from the moment we walked in.  Geesh!  What is wrong with me?  Watching teens lead worship just gets me.  I was crying those “proud mom tears” and I didn’t even know any of the kids!  I pulled myself together and really enjoyed the evening.  But I lost it again when all the pastors that were there prayed over the business and the workers.  So moving watching them pray for this wonderful business and for my girl as she works there!

We were up bright & early Saturday morning.  It was college orientation day!  The weather was horrible (and we even had to pull over for a bit because the rain was so heavy) but we finally made it downtown (and on time!).  Tons of information, lots of paperwork filled out, and a nice lunch with two of the leaders in the ministry department (really nice guys!).  Tay is so excited for fall!


Tay had plans to meet a friend for dinner so Brian, Nick & I grilled some steaks.  I had gotten this text from Nick around lunchtime…


Ha!  That’s what happens when you make an unexpected trip home.  I think the steak made up for it.  :)  I guess I better stock up before he moves home for the summer!  Nick was planning to spend the whole weekend but had forgotten something he needed and headed back to school after dinner.

Yesterday morning we went to church, had lunch at Firehouse Subs (the tuna is really good!), and then Brian & I went to order a table for our sunroom.  We’re in the process of redoing the room and can’t wait to get it all put together.  We spent the rest of the afternoon at home and it was wonderful!  Brian had work to catch up on and I did some reading & Bible study (I may have taken a small nap).  I loved walking by Tay’s room and hearing her in there playing the guitar for fun (she hasn’t had much time for that lately!).  Since we were out of food (Nick was right!), I did my grocery shopping online for pick-up this morning.


Online shopping is the best!

And just because he’s cute…


Poor pup didn’t sleep well with all the storms this weekend.  We’re all tired today!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  We’re counting down the days till summer around here!


April 4, 2017

My birthday was yesterday.  My dad asked me how old I was.  I wasn’t sure.  LOL!  I usually never know how old I am and have to ask my (older) friend, Angie.  Angie always knows how old I am.  :)  Age has never bothered me and turning 48 yesterday doesn’t really bother me.  But I am inching closer to 50!  I just don’t feel old.


Yesterday started off here…


I wanted to take care of this last week but totally forgot.  Thankfully I wasn’t late like I have been in the past.  I must say that things have changed at this BMV location.  It used to be one of the WORST places to go with some of the most unfriendly people I have ever met in my life.  I went earlier this year with Nick and was in & out quickly and the people were actually friendly.  I had the same experience yesterday.

I hurried home because Tay had a fun day planned for the two of us.


She decided that we should spend the day together so that’s what we did.  I meant to document the whole day but got busy having fun and didn’t take pictures at each stop.  Here’s a bit of what we did…


First stop was the CUTEST coffee shop in Lebanon.


She calls this picture “Cheating Barista”.  :)

After coffee & a muffin we walked around Lebanon and went into a few of the little shops there.  We made a quick stop at the outlet mall, grabbed lunch on the go, and then headed towards Bridgewater.  We had fun looking around Charming Charlie and Target before heading home.


I’d say SHE had a GREAT day!  (I did too!)

Tay headed off to piano lessons and then came home to do some school work while I worked on some Bible study homework.

Brian was out of town for work so she & I got Chipotle and watched a crazy episode of The Office while we ate (she loves that show!).

What a great day!  I got a sweet birthday text from Nick to start the day, a voicemail from my grandma, phone calls from my parents & mother-in-law and lots of nice texts & Facebook messages from friends and a couple cards in the mail (isn’t it nice to get actual mail and not just a bunch of junk?).  I’m so thankful to have such great people in my life!  What a blessing.  The celebration continued today at lunch when a sweet friend brought cupcakes for everyone – and a HUGE one for me!  Thanks, Kelley!


Why are you so busy?

March 31, 2017

Last week I was telling Taylor something that I was going to be doing that evening while she was at work.  She said to me, “Why are you so busy?”  I have no idea.  March has been busy.  Family stuff, church stuff, friend stuff…lot of GOOD stuff…but lots of stuff none the less.

This week in my not-so-small group, we talked about the things that we say yes to and the things that we say no to.  I think March was filled with MANY “yeses” for me.  And that’s okay sometimes but I just don’t like to be gone from home as much as I was this month.  I found myself saying “I just need to get through this week and things will slow down” way more often than I’d like.

Being super busy isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s not always a good thing either.  I just need a bit more balance – and less things taking me away from home in the evening – going forward.   We’re also old and like just being home together in the evening.  :)


Weekend in San Antonio – Part 1

January 26, 2017

Brian’s company does a trip every January.  We’ve gotten to go to some really neat places that we probably would not have visited on our own.  We were excited to find out this year’s trip was to San Antonio, Texas.  I usually plan and plan and then plan some more whenever we take a trip.  I did some research on the area and picked a few things to do but decided that we’d take the “wing it” approach to this trip.  We had no idea when we headed out that we’d put that approach to the test!

Thursday morning we headed to the Cincinnati airport.  We checked our bags and headed to security.  This is where things got interesting.  Have you traveled by air in the past few years?  You know those scanners you step into and put your hand above your head?  Several years ago, I had to get a tiny little pat down of my side because of the way my sweater was hanging (even though they had told me it was okay to keep it on).  Now I always remove jackets or sweaters.  I put my shoes & jacket in a bin and slid it and my backpack through the machine.  When it was my turn to hop in the scanner I did what I was supposed to do and waited for the “okay” to go gather my things.  Things didn’t quite work out that way.  I had set the scanner off and was told I had to be patted down.  Due to the *ahem* area in question, I was asked if I wanted a private room.  There are certain parts of your body that you really don’t want patted down in the middle of a busy security area, so I said I would prefer that.  They called in two female security guards to escort me & my carry on items to a private area (they wouldn’t let me touch my belongings at this point).  I got a quick pat down of the suspicious area and thought I’d soon be on my way.   The security guard wears gloves during the whole thing and when she was done she swabbed her gloves and my hands and ran the test strip through a machine to test for explosive materials.  And my test came back POSITIVE.  For explosive materials!  Huh?

Do you know what happens when you test positive for explosive materials in an airport?


Airport jail.

Ha!  I’m kidding, but I was getting concerned.  (Picture taken at a museum we visited.  We were cracking up.)


When you test positive for explosive materials in an airport, you get a head-to-toe pat down by one security guard while the other one totally empties your carry-on bag (and I think she may have swabbed my phone).  It was all I could do not to crack up at the craziness of it all – especially when the 2nd guard pulled my BIBLE and my Karen Kingsbury novel out of my MICKEY MOUSE backpack.  I was finally told to sit in a chair and assumed I just needed to wait for a minute or two when she told me to lift up my leg (Huh?  What is happening here?).  She literally had to pat me down to my toes.

Thankfully the 2nd scan came back within the normal range and I was free to go.  Brian was outside the room with NO idea what was happening.  I was dying when I finally got to fill him in on the details (he says I handled things much better than he would have!).  I felt like I was being watched the rest of the time we were at CVG and I’m sure there was some dude somewhere searching through my checked bag.  I’m probably on some “watch list” somewhere (Middle-Aged Mom with a Mickey Mouse Bag).

I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t passed the 2nd scan.  Brian says I would have gone to jail and he would have gone back home.  LOL!

I asked the ladies what could have caused the positive test and they said it could be anything – hairspray, lotion, soap, etc.  No way to really know.   I told them they had just given me some good material for my blog.  :)  (I’m sure it’s rare to have a passenger who just goes with the flow and isn’t irate at this point.)

The rest of our journey to San Antonio was uneventful.  We had a great time and quite the adventure getting home!  I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2016


Brian’s Birthday

September 29, 2016

Today is Brian’s birthday!  We’re finally the same age again.  :)

(Warning: Lots of pictures ahead!)

We were up early this morning for a fun-filled day!  It was a field trip day for Taylor so we got Brian to take a few hours off and go with us.  Tay gave Brian this card this morning…


(If you really know the two of them, you’ll know how funny this is!)

And then this gift that she made for him at Build-a-Bear…


(Aren’t they the cutest?)

And then we were off for some fun!  First stop was Dunkin for some donuts and coffee.


Then we headed down to the zoo.  What a perfect zoo day!  Cool temps and no crowds.  It was early morning and the animals (most of them) were more active than we’ve seen before.  It was also feeding time for several of them and that was fun to watch (well, the eagles eating dead rats & fish wasn’t all that fun).

img_7576 img_7574 img_7572 img_7569 img_7534 img_7531 img_7529 img_7519 img_7517 img_7515


(I warned you about the pictures!)

Feeding time for the gorillas was our favorite!  They gave them bottles filled with some sort of food and it was so interesting watching them work to get the food out of the bottle (one took two bottles and appeared to be hiding from the others when eating :).

img_7544-1 img_7552 img_7564

And have you seen the Africa area?  Taylor had seen it before but it was a first for me & Brian.  Gorgeous!

img_7583 img_7589 img_7584 img_7580-1 img_7587

I took too many pictures of these camels.  They were hilarious.  The one in the back looked like he was smiling. :)


And check out this baby giraffe.


Too cute.  And for size comparison here she (he?) is with an adult…


After the zoo we stopped by Nick’s school to put new tags on his car (we hadn’t gotten them in time to give them to him when he was home – totally my fault!  Sorry, Brian!).


And then we headed for lunch at Rapid Fired Pizza.


So yummy!

We came home so Brian could do some work & Tay could do some school work.  We grabbed a light dinner and then stopped and picked this up for later…


What a fun day!

Happy Birthday, Brian!  We love you so much! :)