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Why are you so busy?

March 31, 2017

Last week I was telling Taylor something that I was going to be doing that evening while she was at work.  She said to me, “Why are you so busy?”  I have no idea.  March has been busy.  Family stuff, church stuff, friend stuff…lot of GOOD stuff…but lots of stuff none the less.

This week in my not-so-small group, we talked about the things that we say yes to and the things that we say no to.  I think March was filled with MANY “yeses” for me.  And that’s okay sometimes but I just don’t like to be gone from home as much as I was this month.  I found myself saying “I just need to get through this week and things will slow down” way more often than I’d like.

Being super busy isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s not always a good thing either.  I just need a bit more balance – and less things taking me away from home in the evening – going forward.   We’re also old and like just being home together in the evening.  :)


Weekend in San Antonio – Part 1

January 26, 2017

Brian’s company does a trip every January.  We’ve gotten to go to some really neat places that we probably would not have visited on our own.  We were excited to find out this year’s trip was to San Antonio, Texas.  I usually plan and plan and then plan some more whenever we take a trip.  I did some research on the area and picked a few things to do but decided that we’d take the “wing it” approach to this trip.  We had no idea when we headed out that we’d put that approach to the test!

Thursday morning we headed to the Cincinnati airport.  We checked our bags and headed to security.  This is where things got interesting.  Have you traveled by air in the past few years?  You know those scanners you step into and put your hand above your head?  Several years ago, I had to get a tiny little pat down of my side because of the way my sweater was hanging (even though they had told me it was okay to keep it on).  Now I always remove jackets or sweaters.  I put my shoes & jacket in a bin and slid it and my backpack through the machine.  When it was my turn to hop in the scanner I did what I was supposed to do and waited for the “okay” to go gather my things.  Things didn’t quite work out that way.  I had set the scanner off and was told I had to be patted down.  Due to the *ahem* area in question, I was asked if I wanted a private room.  There are certain parts of your body that you really don’t want patted down in the middle of a busy security area, so I said I would prefer that.  They called in two female security guards to escort me & my carry on items to a private area (they wouldn’t let me touch my belongings at this point).  I got a quick pat down of the suspicious area and thought I’d soon be on my way.   The security guard wears gloves during the whole thing and when she was done she swabbed her gloves and my hands and ran the test strip through a machine to test for explosive materials.  And my test came back POSITIVE.  For explosive materials!  Huh?

Do you know what happens when you test positive for explosive materials in an airport?


Airport jail.

Ha!  I’m kidding, but I was getting concerned.  (Picture taken at a museum we visited.  We were cracking up.)


When you test positive for explosive materials in an airport, you get a head-to-toe pat down by one security guard while the other one totally empties your carry-on bag (and I think she may have swabbed my phone).  It was all I could do not to crack up at the craziness of it all – especially when the 2nd guard pulled my BIBLE and my Karen Kingsbury novel out of my MICKEY MOUSE backpack.  I was finally told to sit in a chair and assumed I just needed to wait for a minute or two when she told me to lift up my leg (Huh?  What is happening here?).  She literally had to pat me down to my toes.

Thankfully the 2nd scan came back within the normal range and I was free to go.  Brian was outside the room with NO idea what was happening.  I was dying when I finally got to fill him in on the details (he says I handled things much better than he would have!).  I felt like I was being watched the rest of the time we were at CVG and I’m sure there was some dude somewhere searching through my checked bag.  I’m probably on some “watch list” somewhere (Middle-Aged Mom with a Mickey Mouse Bag).

I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t passed the 2nd scan.  Brian says I would have gone to jail and he would have gone back home.  LOL!

I asked the ladies what could have caused the positive test and they said it could be anything – hairspray, lotion, soap, etc.  No way to really know.   I told them they had just given me some good material for my blog.  :)  (I’m sure it’s rare to have a passenger who just goes with the flow and isn’t irate at this point.)

The rest of our journey to San Antonio was uneventful.  We had a great time and quite the adventure getting home!  I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2016


Brian’s Birthday

September 29, 2016

Today is Brian’s birthday!  We’re finally the same age again.  :)

(Warning: Lots of pictures ahead!)

We were up early this morning for a fun-filled day!  It was a field trip day for Taylor so we got Brian to take a few hours off and go with us.  Tay gave Brian this card this morning…


(If you really know the two of them, you’ll know how funny this is!)

And then this gift that she made for him at Build-a-Bear…


(Aren’t they the cutest?)

And then we were off for some fun!  First stop was Dunkin for some donuts and coffee.


Then we headed down to the zoo.  What a perfect zoo day!  Cool temps and no crowds.  It was early morning and the animals (most of them) were more active than we’ve seen before.  It was also feeding time for several of them and that was fun to watch (well, the eagles eating dead rats & fish wasn’t all that fun).

img_7576 img_7574 img_7572 img_7569 img_7534 img_7531 img_7529 img_7519 img_7517 img_7515


(I warned you about the pictures!)

Feeding time for the gorillas was our favorite!  They gave them bottles filled with some sort of food and it was so interesting watching them work to get the food out of the bottle (one took two bottles and appeared to be hiding from the others when eating :).

img_7544-1 img_7552 img_7564

And have you seen the Africa area?  Taylor had seen it before but it was a first for me & Brian.  Gorgeous!

img_7583 img_7589 img_7584 img_7580-1 img_7587

I took too many pictures of these camels.  They were hilarious.  The one in the back looked like he was smiling. :)


And check out this baby giraffe.


Too cute.  And for size comparison here she (he?) is with an adult…


After the zoo we stopped by Nick’s school to put new tags on his car (we hadn’t gotten them in time to give them to him when he was home – totally my fault!  Sorry, Brian!).


And then we headed for lunch at Rapid Fired Pizza.


So yummy!

We came home so Brian could do some work & Tay could do some school work.  We grabbed a light dinner and then stopped and picked this up for later…


What a fun day!

Happy Birthday, Brian!  We love you so much! :)



September 11, 2016

This sweet baby girl…


Is EIGHTEEN today!



Seriously.  Where does the time go?

We had a fun weekend celebrating with friends last night and all her grandparents today.

Here are 18 things you may or may not know about Tay…

  1. She is a senior in high school
  2. She goes to an online public school.
  3. She’s a barista.
  4. She plays the guitar.
  5. She also plays the piano.
  6. She’s a Jesus girl and shines bright for Him.
  7. She loves studying the Bible.
  8. She loves her friends (and has some really great ones).
  9. She likes “hammocking” and was excited to get a new hammock for her birthday.
  10. She LOVES dogs (and is doing her best to talk us into getting another one).
  11. She loves Nashville (and spent two weeks there this past summer).
  12. She loves serving others.
  13. She wants to go on a missions trip out of the country.
  14. She leads the youth worship band at church.
  15. She loved iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts (she likes their hash browns too!)
  16. She has all A’s in school (smarty pants!).
  17. She likes naps. :)
  18. She’s beautiful inside & out!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  We love you so much!

May Things

June 10, 2016

What happened to May?  Seriously.  Is it me or did May just FLY by?

Nick finished up his second year of college (see, time really does FLY!) and came home unemployed and broke.  #poorcollegekid  His car battery died the first week of summer break.  Adulting is hard.  He went to work looking for a job and eventually found one.  After what seemed like endless training he finally got started working.  We’re still trying to figure out why so many businesses post “now hiring” signs but don’t call applicants for interviews.

Taylor finished up her junior year of high school (seriously?) and is looking forward to lots of fun adventures this summer.  More on that later!

Three of the four of us were sick with allergies or summer colds.  I don’t really know what it was but it lingered for at least a week and drove us all nuts!  Tay even missed her piano recital which was a real bummer!

We did manage to squeeze in some fun too.

Some friends & I hit the Donut Trail.  #besttrailever


What fun!  Great summer activity if you’re looking for something to do.  You can find all the info here.

Tay sang with some girls from church at a church in Middletown.  She even sang a solo!  She did great!  #soproud

IMG_6802 (1)

I went to a fun bowling night with some fun ladies from church.  Angie had the high score of the whole night!


Angie killing it at the bowling alley.  Check out her shoes.  NOT the rental shoes.  You know you’re with a serious bowler when they have their own shoes.  :)

Charlie had a GREAT time during his first trip to the dog park.

So many great dogs!  We had NO idea how he’d do.  We have a big backyard and he HATES it.  He LOVED the dog park and ran all over.  Tay said she was so proud – it’s like watching your kid socialize.  LOL!  I have a feeling the dog park will become a regular thing (one friend even made a facebook group so we can make plans to meet up!).

Nick’s summer got incredibly busy this week when he started his normal work schedule and two summer classes.  Tay’s looking forward to the first of her summer adventures starting next week.  You’ll have to wait for my June post to hear about all of that!  :)

March & April Things

May 19, 2016

I was at lunch with some friends today and someone mentioned blogging.  My DFF leaned over and whispered, “You’re a bit behind on your blog.”  I know, I know!  I have no excuse!  #lazyblogger  At this rate, I’ll have six posts at the end of 2016!

I know that no one (except my parents) probably cares what we’ve been up to the past couple of months but here it is anyways.  :)

March was filled with fun stuff (and not-so-fun stuff too).  Taylor visited “her college” twice – once with her youth group and once with us.  She is in love with this school and cannot wait to attend there in another year.


I went with a bunch of my favorite people to an amazing women’s conference at a local church.  We had a fun family night out seeing Newsies.  Tay & I spent the next several weeks performing the songs in the car whenever we went somewhere.  She’s a tiny bit bitter that she’ll never be cast in the lead role.  :)


Tay helped with the Easter egg hunt at  church and we all headed to Springfield on Easter to celebrate with all the grandparents.


Nick was working a job down by his school so we didn’t see him too much in March so we really enjoyed when he was home.

Taylor’s spring break was the last week of March.  We had big plans for a day-o-fun on Monday of that week.  We started out at the mall and ended up at the hospital!  She’s had some issues off & on for the last year since her surgery last April and she was in pain and needed to get checked out (she’s fine now, thankfully).  We tried to focus on the good things of that one day-o-fun because the very next day we had scheduled to have her wisdom teeth removed.


She was HILARIOUS after the procedure.  She posted this picture on twitter (posted here with permission!).  I hesitated to give her her phone but she insisted she was “fine”.  She may have also mentioned something about tweeting her “fans” so I probably should have held on to the phone.  :)

Brian headed to Seattle the first week of April and Tay and I made almost daily visits to the oral surgeon as she had some healing issues (they warned us it could be bad and it was).  Taylor took the ACT a couple of days after coming off pain pills (probably not the best decision!).  She also did great selling her jewelry at a vendor show at church.


Brian & I had a fun night out seeing Beauty & the Beast.  It was good but not the favorite show we’ve seen.


And that’s a little peek at what’s been going on around here!

I wonder if I should mention to my DFF that she hasn’t blogged since January 2015.