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Color Run

August 29, 2013

We did it!  My “running” team completed our first 5K!  What fun!

Here we are before the race…

CincinnatiColorRun 006

I have no idea why people wear tutus when they run races.  But they do.  So we did.

(I won’t even tell you how late we stayed up making those crazy things the night before the race.  What were we thinking?)

This was a “Color Run” so every so often you’d run through an area and race volunteers would throw colored powder on you.

CincinnatiColorRun 018


Brian and the other husbands (and a few of our kids) were there cheering us on.  At one point this man walks up and stand beside them and starts complaining about the race.  Apparently he thought the people running this race just didn’t take running seriously enough.  He went on and on.  Brian tried to say that this race was all about fun.  Didn’t matter.  Apparently we should all be serious runners!

I’ve had several people ask if I ran or walked.  I did both!  Even with all of my training, I have yet to run the entire distance.  I’m still working on it.  Our team ended up dividing up into two groups of two (not on purpose, it just happened).  I was with my friend Jen and she claims she didn’t do much training.  She’s a liar.  I think I’ll start calling her Jillian Michaels.  She pushed me to run when I wanted to walk.  There was one hill on the course and I thought we should walk it.  She told me we were running and we’d walk when we got to the top.  I never knew she was so mean.  LOL!  I’m kidding, Jillian Jen.  Seriously, it was good to have someone push me!  We finished in 39:41.  My REAL running friends might not be impressed by that time but we were happy!  That’s the best time I’ve had!  Yay!

I also have a lot of people ask if I’ve “caught the running bug”.  Well…I still don’t love running.  I hate it actually.  BUT…I’ve spent a LOT of time running and feel like it would be crazy to stop so I’m gonna keep on going.  In fact, I just signed up for another 5K.  The Funky Fruit Loops are staying together!  We may have even added a couple of members.  Guys are not as wild about the name.  They’ll just have to get used to it I guess!  Oh, and one of those new members?  BRIAN!  We need to make a trip to the running store for shoes and then his training can begin!

I’ve had a slight pause in my training this week.  I hurt my foot/leg walking from the living room to the kitchen.  Seriously?  I’m hoping a few days off and I’ll be back at it!  I plan to do two more races before the end of the year.  I’ve seriously lost my mind!

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  1. October 7, 2013 11:04 am

    You all look great!!! I love the outfits. :-)

  2. May 5, 2014 5:42 pm

    Looks like fun. I plan on running my first color race next month. It’s not The Color Run. It’s just called color day. I’m not a huge fan of running either. I’m more of a hiker. I haven’t ran this far since probably the military twenty years ago lol.

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